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Colored brain in Effective Communication

About Colored Brain

Find the root cause of disengagement to revive a passionate culture by


  • Interpret Information and Surroundings
  • Process and Take Action
  • Get Clarity on Solutions, Ideas and Processes
  • Develop New Skills

What is Colored Brain?

Recognize the Brains “Ambiguity Relief“ Process…

…to solve most team, communication, relationship, and passion problems

Understanding HOW the Brain Gets Clarity simplifies the effects of Ambiguity Relief. Using Colored Brain to understand the Ambiguity Relief process Elevates Consciousness to deal with issues, ideas and decisions more intelligently to cooperatively get faster more positive results when working together.

Affect Team and Group Performance

When faced with a decision, a problem, an idea or a task, the brain must first go through a unique process of “Ambiguity Relief”. We have identified four unique processes related to the amounts of neurotransmitters produced by specific genes and made it Simple to use and apply through the Colored Brain model. Colored Brain makes it EASY to understand unique communication requirements that often prevent getting everyone speaking the same language… and helps you CRUSH the barriers to create EASIER, FASTER and MORE EFFECTIVE communication across any group or relationship

Colored Brain is Based on NEW Research! While so many psychometric tools are based on research that is 20 to even 70 years old, Colored Brain incorporates the latest research on Neuroplasticity, and the modern understanding the of how neurotransmitter substances work. The Colored Brain work began in 2002 from the foundation of multiple contradictive personality focused genetic and observational research, bringing founder, Arthur Carmazzi to discover and focus only on the elements that were consistent among the various contradictive “personality” conclusions. This led to further investigation accounting for the latest neuroscience discoveries to create SIMPLE yet powerful tool that transforms communication and performance.

More Details : https://coloredbrain.com/what-is-colored-brain/


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