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Secure Application Development

Secure Application Development

Secure development is a practice to ensure that the code and processes that go into developing applications are as secure as possible. Secure development entails the utilization of several processes, including the implementation of a Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and secure coding itself.

Developing secure application is critical to an organization’s reputation and operational efficiency. The effect of compromised applications resulting in inability to serve the community or data breaches of student and staff information can bring an organization to headline news with bad publicity, losing user confidence and even worse law suits of data privacy breaches. While application development teams are confronted with excessive functional requirements and enhancements under tight time pressure, latefound security vulnerabilities in application would be costly for an organization to address and fix.

Security should be built as an integral part of the application development framework from the beginning during user requirement until the stage of testing and assurance review. All changes should also include a security risk assessment to ensure enhanced software modules would not introduce security weaknesses.


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